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Preventative Practices for Optimal Health: Kundalini Yoga & Ayurvedic Nutrition

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Your Collective for Keeping UP! Join our Ayurvedic Health Counselors, Fitness Trainers, Yoga Teachers and Full Spectrum Doulas from Ultrafithealth for a wealth of resources to help you keep up your practice and turn your optimal health vision into a reality!

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As Specialists trained in both the Vedic Sciences and traditional Western fitness modalities, we’re committed to helping you cultivate self-care through clinically backed habits that improve well-being.  Each month we support you through our Keep UP Channels with Kundalini Yoga Masterclasses, Ayurvedic Nutrition Workshops and 1:1 Personalized Holistic Health Video Consultations.

Experience Ayurveda and Yoga to learn how your unique Dosha (Mind-Body Constitution) affects everything you do; so that you can make the best nutrition choices and lifestyle habits for vitality in body, mind and spirit.

Preventative Practices to Live dis-ease Free

Usually, the ageing process is associated with a natural decline in our memory, concentration, agility, flexibility, body balance and also sharpness of mind and cognition. 

Yoga helps to improve these attributes of our body.  Fundamental benefits we can experience from regular and consistent yoga practice are increased muscle strength, better metabolism,  improved cardio/circulatory health, mental clarity and calmness, increased body awareness and chronic stress pattern relief. 

Aside from the physical benefits, Yoga’s incorporation of breathing and meditation can help improve a person’s mental well-being.  Self-awareness is particularly beneficial because it helps with early detection of physical problems and allows for early preventive action.

Prevention is key. This is even more crucial as we navigate viruses, chemical pollutants and new stressors on our body and psyche.

Known as the “Sister Science” of Yoga, Ayurveda focuses primarily on lifestyle practices that support health, balance, and self-transformation.  It teaches us how to develop personalized routines based on our specific physical, mental, and spiritual structure. 

By keeping up your Yoga & Ayurvedic practices you can positively impact your cognitive function, gene expression, and immune response.

This Collective will give you the tools for total self-care while expanding your understanding of the mind/body connection. 

Access the UltraFit Health Community Collective for free and also as part of the Keep UP Membership Channel and any Events or Workshops you register for.  Stay consistent with your practice and focused on achieving your goals with weekly new yoga videos, 1:1 video consultations, access to live coach practice sessions plus our monthly Kundalini Yoga Workshop Event or Ayurvedic Nutrition Masterclass.

A space to connect and thrive, inspiring action toward optimal health.  Access one of these plans below, we can't wait to see you inside...

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